Austin Tri-Hawk Automotive, Inc is a company which is committed to become a company superior to any other company producing automotive metal products and assemblies.

With the backing of three Japanese firms. the utilization of state of the art equipments, and the professional excellence of our associates, we already set our place as a high quality manufacturer of automotive structural supports to Fortune 500 companies.

Logo Symbolism

the GREEN background
The background color represents ATA's dedication to the environment. Environmentally conscious ATA is focused on preserving natural resources and improving the natural area surrounding the plant. All associates should foster this respect for nature via the daily practice of recycling consumed goods. ATA leadership wishes the company to leave the world a better place than we found it.

the RED brush stroke
The top curved area of color represents the body of a hawk in flight, soaring high above the ground, circling and surveying the world. It is to remind us of strength and the superiority of having a global vision. There is much ATA can learn from various countries and peoples around the globe.

the WHITE brush stroke
The middle curved area of color represents a hawk tending to its family in the nest. ATA desires to have a pure, family-like environment offering a nurturing, educational, positive atmosphere for all associates. Internally, ATA aims to be a plant where people feel fortunate to work. At ATA we put a high level of emphasis on human relations involving respectful, courteous communication skills. Pride can be taken in ATA associates professionalism and manufacturing quality.

the BLUE brush stroke
The bottom curved area of color represents a hawk with its wings up and claws stretched down in targeting position. From high above, the hawk focuses its aim, then swoops at incredible speed to grasp its prey. This image is to remind us of goal setting and at the same time illustrates achieving set goals with incredible precision and proficiency. ATA aims to be the number one manufacturer of automotive parts in the world. This relates to not only quality in product, but also efficiency and professionalism of service.

The three colors combined together make an outline of a hawk's head. The colors combined represent unity and team work. The president chose the hawk symbolism in honor of our main parent company, Kikuchi Press of Japan. The original site of Kikuchi Press is Mitaka, Tokyo. Mi means three, while taka means hawk. Therefore, Mitaka translates to three hawks, which are represented in our logo. The vision of a superior company begun in Mitaka Japan. The plant in Austin, Indiana represents the second phase of a now grander international dream, which links technology and engineering via the heart and hands of Japan and the U.S.